Why every casino needs a digital ‘gameshow’ that increases customer engagement.

We were asked recently by an existing customer of gaming DigiWheels, why and how would a digital wheel based gameshow work for their marketing team? They ‘kind of’ got the cool wheel games thing, hugely popular online, micro entertainment experiences and all that, but what would it actually do? Would it be just a gimmick or a short term thing?

Five minutes of engaged chat later, he was asking his marketing and loyalty team how can he get an automated self-service digital wheel based gameshow at every entrance to the casino!

Here’s why; an automated self-service digital wheel based gameshow attracts a younger audience, increases frequency of visits of existing customers and attracts lapsed customers back with an enticing offering.

And all measurable metrics to satisfy the most cynical Marketing or Finance department heads.

We are all aware that the future of casino customer engagement is personalised and entertaining micro experiences. It’s why slots are so successful. Instant gratification experiences. Modern customers demand engaging content in a short burst entertainment form factor. All we get in the modern world, is eight seconds of digital attention span for customers to engage. So, if we don’t get them in those eight seconds, we may not get them at all. Lost to their combined physical and digital worlds in Insta, Tik Tok, Reels, Snaps, X, Messenger, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, WeChat and so on.

Are casinos connecting someone’s digital life to their land based casino life? It’s way easier to connect them to your online operations, but what if you don’t have online operations, or if that person is simply averse to online gaming?

A digital path of engagement can be a companion app to share all info and promos with a personalised offering, but self-service kiosks can also do the same (if you allow their journey to be matched on their personal device). Combine both with QR code or physical/digital loyalty card promotions for a free wheel spin on X days or X time of day or every time you visit or spend more than X or freebies on football nights or just because we love you as a customer; here’s a free spin to win X!

This is a global first for digital casino customer engagement with a gameshow experience and instant gratification for customers – free for them to ‘play’! Give them slot play, meals, lodging, merchandise or other tax efficient marketing wares. You could even get one of your existing vendors to ‘sponsor’ a branded wheel game for free spins for drinks, merchandise or experiences. In some cases this makes the wheel cost neutral for the casino as vendors are paying for their games, but the casino also does their own!

The compelling call to action to play a free game personalised to them or their loyalty card tier, is hugely attractive to everyone. And the experience in itself is TikTokable, Instagramable, SnapChatable and all other sociables.

Contact Phillip on ppurcell@evolution.com for more nuggets on how an automated self-service gameshow experience will drive footfall to your doors. Or visit www.digiwheel.com for more.