New DigiWheel Libraries – Play Any Wheel Game Ever Created TEST

With a rotating HD screen as a spinning wheel the possibilities are endless. As well as displaying any media (video, images, betting odds, promos), DigiWheel Games can be manually selected by operator, chosen by customers on terminals or kiosk or can be scheduled to play on specific times/days.

Roulette – 54, 27 and 9 number roulette games

Big Six – Classic casino game on terminals, tables and mobile app connected to DigiWheel

Game Shows – Spin Wheel and Quiz Show style games

Lottery – Jackpot spins for all players

Bingo – Play speed bingo games with rapid spins to ‘call’ bingo numbers

Loyalty – Customers spin for prizes/coupons/gifts as rewards for being a member or at a particular tier of membership

Promotional – spin for drinks or branded gifts, branded to drinks and/or food provider

More than 50 game templates to choose from, customisable for all venues needs.